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Grab the latest sample project from the "Source Code" tab. The project targets ASP.NET MVC 2 and Visual Studio 2010.

Use the following steps if you're moving the plugin to your own project:
  1. Ensure that your /Content/ folder contains the "2010.2.713" styles folder
  2. Ensure that your /Scripts/ folder contains the "2010.2.713" JavaScript folder AND the "tiny_mce" folder
  3. Copy the netadvimage plugin folder to /Scripts/tiny_mce/plugins/ if it's not already there
  4. Add NetAdvImageController.cs to your projects Controller directory (change the namespace of the controller if needed)
  5. Add the NetAdvImageModels.cs to your projects Models directory (change the namespace of the model if needed)
  6. Add the Index.aspx view to your /Views/NetAdvImage/ directory
  7. Add the following route registration to the Global.asax above your default "catch-all" route:

      new { controller = "NetAdvImage" }

Know Issues

  • Renaming a directory fails if it contains subdirectories (need to copy all contents instead of using Directory.Move())
  • Resizing the popup window when viewing the "General" or "Advanced" tab causes the upload view to disappear (JQuery layout issue?)
  • Cannot select folder text when renaming a folder (Telerik's drag-and-drop functionality is interfering)

What's Planned

  • Image cropping via JCrop
  • Image resizing and rotating
  • Automatic thumbnail creation after uploading
  • Drag and drop images to other directories and to trash
  • UI and accessibility improvements

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